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Energygreen Gas Almazan S.L. (EGA)

Energygreen Gas Almazan S.L. (EGA) is a new company that has recently acquired the Productive Unit of Purines Almazán S.L. with the objective of continuing with the management of non-hazardous waste through different technologies, such as anaerobic digestion and rendering.
In addition, EGA belongs 100% to Energygreen Tratamientos Medioambientales S.L. (www.energygreentratamientos.es) whose main business focuses on the management of waste by composting, with plants in Valladolid and Vizcaya, and on the purification of effluents from the agro-food industry through different technologies such as anaerobic digestion, electrocoagulation or catalytic oxidation. These technologies will be now integrated in the new facilities in Almazán where a composting plant will be built in order to provide an integral and sustainable service in waste management.
The group and the company have a team of professionals in the field of engineering and chemistry with extensive experience in process, plant design, plant operation and R & D project management