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Why our system is the best?

Design of a high performance multiphase anaerobic reactor that produces biogaz rich in methane, ad-hoc designed for wastewater treatment of Food&Drink SMEs.


Production of a renewable energy

Possibility of production of a renewable energy by biogaz generated in the process of the machine.


This self-generated renewable energy will be used partially (50%) for operating the digester, and partially (50% surplus) for other operations -boiling, heating…- in the industry.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The reduction in energy needs with this machine represents 11% less CO2 emissions.


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Our collaboration for the implementation of the LIFE MULTI-AD 4 AgroSMEs project.

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Control solution for High performance multiphase anaerobic reactor for agroindustrial wastewater treatment

The LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs project aims to develop a high-performance multiphase anaerobic reactor for its industrialization, which generates methane-rich biogas, specially designed for wastewater treatment generated in small and…

LIFE Multi-AD and WalNUT seek synergies to advance the recovery of resources present in wastewater

On 12 May, LIFE Multi-AD continued to make progress in building collaborative networks through a meeting with CETAQUA and the WalNUT – Closing Waste water cycles for nutrient recovery project….

Wastewater, key to the future

Wastewater is a valuable resource that must be returned to the receiving environment in adequate quality, especially in areas under severe water stress.   Global warming, whose intensity and economic…

LIFE MULTI-AD continues to build a network with technologies synergistic to the anaerobic water treatment process.

Within the framework of the networking activities of the LIFE Multi-AD AgroSMEs project, Jose B. Carbajo attended on November 30 the Technical Seminar organised by LIFE ENRICH: Recovery of nutrients…

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