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In the framework of the INBEC Project (POCTEP INBEC of the INTERREG Spain-Portugal Programme 2014-2020: https://inbec.org/), Training Workshops were held on Innovative Solutions applied to the Bioeconomy in terms of organisation and management of production processes and/or solutions for the implementation of new product designs, packaging, packing, etc.

The aim is to promote the attendance of companies (mainly SMEs) and relevant agents in the field of Bioeconomy and Circular Economy with the aim of raising awareness of the attending staff on specific contents in terms of innovation for its subsequent application in the company to which they belong. EGA participated by presenting the waste recovery processes carried out in its plant in Almazán as well as presenting the innovative solutions in the field of Bioeconomy in which it is participating within the framework of LIFE projects. EGA presented the MULTIAD project indicating the objectives of the project, the technology to be developed and the partners participating in it.

Note: The Workshops were on-line in the morning from 10:15 to 14:00 and the talks were about 20 or 30 minutes long.