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LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs: High performance multiphase anaerobic reactor for agroindustrial wastewater treatment



LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs attends LIFE AMIA and H2020 HYDROUSA webinars

LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs has reinforced its networking activity by participating in different webinars of projects that aim to develop efficient technological solutions for water treatment. These are the cases of the events organized by LIFE AMIA on May 19 or HYDROUSA on July 9.

LIFE AMIA will develop a new, innovative and sustainable WWTP concept, combining a compact anaerobic-aerobic treatment with a microalgae bioreactor and an advanced adsorption-oxidation process. The new concept of WWTP will allow the recovery of nutrients through microalgae and will reduce the net consumption of energy, thereby helping to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

The HYDROUSA project, a project funded by the EU within the Horizon 2020 program, proposes the approach to closing water loops, which develops new circular business models suitable for the Mediterranean region, as well as for other scarce water regions in Europe and of the world. Unlike the traditional way of managing water in open loops, HYDROUSA’s closed loops manage water in a sustainable way while creating additional ecosystem products and services that lead to a win-win situation for the economy, the environment and the community.


LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs takes action: taking measures for the prototype approach

During the meeting, the work done during the first eighteen months of the project was presented. Also, the technical actions delayed, with the new design and the high amount of simulations needed to get a final design of the reactor were explained by the project coordinator, Gorka García of AEMA.
Regarding the technical parts of the project, the Fluid Dynamic Analysis has been finished and from the results of the simulation an initial design of the demo unit of the anaerobic reactor has been proposed.
In addition, the final design of the reactor, mainly the feeding system and the three-phase reactor, was explained. The place of installation of the demo unit was presented also. The demo reactor will be placed at a winery in La Rioja.
In the monitoring part of the project, SIS presented the technical and environmental and socio-economic key performance indicators chosen to be monitored and the data needed to evaluate their performance during the development of the project and after the end of the project.
The LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs project aims to design and industrialize a high performance multiphase anaerobic reactor that generates methane-rich biogas, tailormade for treating wastewater generated in Food and Drink (F&D) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
This project is co-financed by the LIFE program of the European Commission. The LIFE program is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action created in 1992.


LIFE Multi-AD AgroSMEs is part of the PTV’s 3rd Strategic Innovation Plan

Technological innovation is a strategic variable for the food and beverage industry since it constitutes the main tool to guarantee its sustainability. The technological advances of these companies should be focused on improving the environmental efficiency of processes and products, finding practices and techniques to decrease the use of natural resources…


LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs does not stop for COVID-19

The technical meetings in the framework of the demonstration projects are a regular activity for the coordination of each of its activities. Given the extraordinary situation we are experiencing due to the Coronavirus and with the aim of minimizing the risks of contagion, face-to-face meetings have been replaced by videoconferences and, if this is not possible, the recommendations of the guide of good practices prepared have been followed. by health administrations.



The European project AD-WINE (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IAPP-286052), the precursor of our “LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs” project, was the winner of the first edition of the Wine Technology Platform Innovation Awards 2019, as the best consortium R&D project applied to the wine sector.

LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs presented at the LIFE Platform Meeting on Urban Waste Water

The Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (EDAR) is one of the oldest pieces of legislation in the EU. Many Member States are still struggling to achieve compliance with this 30-year-old directive, which has undergone an evaluation for renewal. This includes an examination of its effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, coherence and the added value of the EU.

This meeting of the LIFE platform sought to provide policymakers with information on several areas of significant importance to the restructuring of the directive. These are:
• circular economy of water and sludge.
• emerging pollutants of concern.
• urban runoff and stormwater overflows.
• monitoring and surveillance.

The event, held on January 29 and 30 in Barcelona, included plenary and poster sessions, thematic workshops, as well as technical outings, being an excellent forum for the presentation and networking of the LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs.


– LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs takes action: taking measures for the prototype approach

The LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs project aims to develop and industrialize a fully automated technological solution capable of treating and valuing wastewater generated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the agri-food sector. The technology is based on the design of a high performance multi-stage anaerobic reactor, patented by AEMA, whose manufacture will be customized according to the specific needs of each client.

The LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs will demonstrate the technical, economic and environmental viability of the technological solution proposed in a 100 m³ anaerobic reactor, which will be built in a DOCa Rioja winery.

As a phase prior to the construction of the prototype, members of the LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs consortium carried out the taking of measurements at the winery facilities for the proposal of the technological solution.



– LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs participates in the technological solutions forum promoted by LIFE PureAgroH2

LIFE PureAgroH2O has promoted the creation of a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge between the different stakeholders interested in the efficient management of wastewater.

The forum, in which LIFE Multi-AD will participate, will serve to disseminate the best technologies developed in the framework of the reuse of wastewater and the recovery of resources from waste. The forum will also pay attention to the contribution of the different projects to the achievement of the European Green Deal by defining the best available technologies.