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LIFE MULTI-AD continues to build a network with technologies synergistic to the anaerobic water treatment process.

Within the framework of the networking activities of the LIFE Multi-AD AgroSMEs project, Jose B. Carbajo attended on November 30 the Technical Seminar organised by LIFE ENRICH: Recovery of nutrients from wastewater to produce agricultural fertilisers.

LIFE ENRICH aims to contribute to the circular economy through the recovery of nutrients from wastewater and their use as fertiliser for crops. To do this, it has developed a technological solution based on an innovative treatment train that integrates cutting-edge technologies capable of allowing efficient recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus contained in wastewater in the form of ammonium and struvite salts.

Through this meeting, LIFE Multi-AD AgroSMEs continues to build a network with synergistic technological solutions to the anaerobic process that it is developing through the High Performance Multistage Anaerobic Reactor for Wastewater Treatment of Industrialists in the Agrifood Sector.