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Wastewater is a valuable resource that must be returned to the receiving environment in adequate quality, especially in areas under severe water stress.


Global warming, whose intensity and economic and environmental impact has increased significantly over the last thirty years, is restricting the availability of freshwater for urban development and agriculture. Thus, the future of the planet depends on sustainable and efficient water management.


According to the UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme report, 80% of the planet’s wastewater returns to the ecosystem with inadequate quality and cannot be used as a vital resource. In this sense, organic matter and nutrients can have a negative impact on both the environment and human beings.


Untreated wastewater reduces the quality of natural freshwater sources, which in many developing countries is a major problem for people’s health.


Investing in efficient wastewater treatment technologies and other sanitation infrastructure is crucial to achieving public health benefits, improving the environment and quality of life. Safely managed water, sanitation and hygiene services are an essential part of preventing disease and protecting human health during infectious disease outbreaks.


Moreover, wastewater treatment offers a dual value proposition, as in addition to the environmental and health benefits, it can generate economic income through reuse in different sectors.


Along these lines, the resources obtained from wastewater, such as nutrients and biogas, can be used as fertilisers and energy sources, while the additional income generated by this process can help cover the operational and maintenance costs of wastewater treatment companies.


By taking care of water, we also preserve this resource for the future, by protecting the environment and, above all, by making economic use of our own waste, which represents a great opportunity for both nature and development.