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LIFE Multi-AD and WalNUT seek synergies to advance the recovery of resources present in wastewater

On 12 May, LIFE Multi-AD continued to make progress in building collaborative networks through a meeting with CETAQUA and the WalNUT – Closing Waste water cycles for nutrient recovery project.

The meeting showed the set of technological packages under development by both European initiatives, which have as a common denominator to advance the sustainable use of resources present in wastewater.

Specifically, LIFE Multi-AD, through anaerobic processes, is carrying out an effective and efficient recovery of the organic matter present in industrial effluents through the production of biogas, While, WalNUT is working on the recovery of nutrients present in wastewater for the production of biofertilizers.

It is therefore important to note that both LIFE Multi-AD and WalNUT are developing synergistic technology solutions. In fact, its integration into future wastewater treatment plants would allow the agro-food industry to advance strategies on resource efficiency within the framework of production models under Circular Economy.