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Presentation of the LIFE MULTI-AD Project to the Rioja wine sector

Development of the anaerobic treatment system in the wine sector

The coordinator of AEMA´s R + D + i projects Gorka García, participated in the workshop on “innovative systems in the management and valorization of wine by-products” organized by the WETWINE project, presenting its innovation strategies for the management and valorisation of winery effluents.

The workshop took place at the La Grajera Institutional Winery (Logroño) on 6th June 2019 and during the same the main results of the WETWINE project and other innovative solutions for the treatment of winery wastewater were presented. Gorka García highlighted the MBR systems as one of the technologies that provides the greatest advantages when it comes to efficiently managing and valuing this type of wastewaters and emphasized the innovations that are being carried out by AEMA, a specialist in industrial wastewater treatment, for the optimization of its WWTPs.

Workshop participants

The presentation allowed to show the new anaerobic treatment system that AEMA is developing throughout the LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs project (LIFE17 ENV/ES/331 and co-financed by the LIFE program of the European Commission) collaborating with its partners, Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (Spain), Energygreen Gas Almazán S.L (Spain), Societatea de Inginerie Sisteme S.A (Romania) and Institutions et Stratégies (France). This innovative technology is specifically focused on SMEs from Food & Drink sector and its particularities, economically available and capable of producing a large amount of renewable energy through high-quality biogas. It has been estimated that this system will be able to reduce approximately 13% of the CO2 generated in a conventional WWTP of a winery.